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lack of time and balance

Does this sound familiar?

Those are real stories from women just like YOU:

Successful female business owners, high-achieving women, who joined Live for Livin to find out that you CAN gain your time back…

While getting everything you want out of life and being successful (guilt-free!)

Because you know how limited networking is for women in business.

Once you get to a certain level in your business ownership, fewer and fewer women understand DEEPLY what you’re going through.

Jealousy still exists over advancements, others don’t understand your sacrifices, you get judged for being a mom.

A supportive network outside of your business who are at the same (or higher!) caliber as you is extremely important. And you need a group and leader who actually PUSH you to achieve your goals, not just supportive friends or family.

The one belief you’re lacking...

I’m Olenka Cullinan and since 2010, I have coached executive females and discovered that all of them lacked one significant belief…

That you can have a balance of an extraordinary life and enjoy your success.

Owning your business does not have to come at a price of high-level stress, losing relationships with your kids and missing connections with your partners, families and friends.

Time flies by SO fast.

Embrace your worthiness and stop settling for feeling burnt out, lonely and tired or strained relationships with your family, or missing valuable family time.

It’s time to take a step forward, forget the past and leap into the future.


Live for Livin

This combination of 1-1 work and peer connection Mastermind model helps  women business owners like you create life on your own terms… and gain time back weekly while gaining confidence, increasing joy and scaling and maintaining your success.

supportive vetted community

Finally have women support YOU!

Live for Livin is a vetted group of very driven business women running six to eight figure organizations around the globe.

Women who speak your language, understand your struggles and are searching for the same “holy grail:” gaining 5-7 hours back weekly back while creating a purposeful life on their own terms!

This is the place where you are free to vent, be listened to, and get unbiased opinions. Where you say, “Wow, this is a different perspective. No one has ever told me this before.”

"I never believed that "work-life balance" was real. The shifts in my mindset and the strategies I gained from working with Olenka and women like me are unlike any other community I've been in!”


What You’ll Experience


Establish foundational shifts to how you approach your life and work so you create actual “work-life balance” and experience joy with success.


Attend engaging training sessions to learn ideas & systems from other leading business owners & mindset experts to save time and increase profit.


Get accountability & support from peers facing similar challenges and situations. Share and exchange ideas in a confidential setting.


Feel understood and supported with this group of women business owners led by esteemed business and mindset coach, Olenka Cullinan.

“Everything you bring to the table is phenomenal Olenka. The personal growth in my life and professional growth in my life looks absolutely nothing like it look 3 years ago. I walk with my head up and I'm very rarely on the ledge today.

—Shanell M, Home With Help

What You’ll Get

12 monthly 3-hour (In Person/On-line) events plus:

Get peer support and advice during the peer presentations & problem-solving sessions. Learn from other successful business owners across industries.

Social connection plus an opportunity to invite a powerful woman to experience the magic

Gain access to Olenka’s exclusive network and introductions

Learn directly from Guest Speaker CEOs and Founders from top performing companies globally

All sessions and events are recorded and saved (if you cannot attend live and need to review)

Apply the proprietary GPS Method to your vision and create the blueprint to make it come true through 1-1 sessions with Olenka Cullinan (one 45-minute session per quarter).

Work with a partner business woman who you meet periodically on your own in-between events and sessions. (Like a BFF who gets you and shares the safe space with you!)

Opportunities to be featured in media and introductions within the Inner Circle to advance your mission and expand your network

You get $40,000 in total program value!

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Live for Livin

“I just sold my sixth intensive session. That’s $9000 you influenced me to create in my business that I was leaving on the table! With very little time commitment. That’s what that means. Thank you for helping me see it.”

—danielle a., ceo

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Special Offer

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You will increase your investment value in new relationships, quality of life change and/or company profits – guaranteed.

→ *No refunds after 30 days inside the group.

Stop sitting on the fence and take action.

“The structure of the program inspired me to think about my WHY statement and how I can incorporate my passion into my professional and personal life. It also provided me the ability to tactically create and meet daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals so that I will be able to make my vision a reality. If you are wanting to take your life to the next level and to find balance - this is your permission to live for living!


Hi, I'm Olenka!

I’m Olenka Cullinan, best-selling Amazon author and one of Women’s Business Journal’s Top 100 Women to Watch. I help driven, female business owners elevate their careers and reclaim their passion for life without the burnout and overwhelm.

A multi-business owner, global corporate consultant, and mom, I’ve transformed thousands of female clients since I began coaching & speaking in 2010. Focusing on what makes life balanced and joyful, I love helping women build life on their own terms.

Named Top 10 Coaches in 2021 by Yahoo News, I have worked with top companies globally, delivered 2 TEDx talks, published 2 Amazon best sellers, was nominated Top 100 Women to Watch by Women’s Business Journal and appeared on CBS, ABC, Yahoo Finance and Huffington Post. My clients gross six to eight figures, elevate their businesses and reclaim their passion for life without the burnout and overwhelm.

“Olenka's expertise lays in her ability to simplify long-term, big picture plans into smaller, digestible steps to create a very clear roadmap to success. Her credibility, authenticity, and passion to help others is evident in all aspects of both her personality and work.”

—Kristina Sescon, CEO, Mom Millennial

Ready to Join Live for Livin Mastermind?

Live for Livin is for you if...

work life balance

It’s difficult to switch off from “work mode.”

You’re a mom, wife, daughter. But sometimes it feels like you’re still just the “boss” at home.

Your relationships with your children are strained, you don’t truly feel present in the moment as you’re still worrying about work…And at work, you’re still worrying about your relationships.

With Live for Livin, you learn the techniques to have a balanced lifestyle. One where you perform well – at home and at work.

You need support with your career & business.

As an executive, you deal with problems all day long. You get frustrated with your employees or coworkers. You aren’t sure what the right decisions are that arise…Should I spend money on ads? Should I stay in my position or move on? You may even experience anxiety attacks from the stress.

Live for Livin finally gets you the answers you need so you feel confident in the direction you’re heading!

olenka cullinan
tired of not getting results

You’re tired of not getting lasting results from books, seminars & events.

You get excited and motivated for a week or two…but then what happens?


Live for Livin is the Action Plan you’ve been looking for to keep you disciplined day after day, month after month.

If you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time, I’ll do it next year,” this program is for you.

Time to take back your entire life.

“I am financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically better because of it and I couldn't be happier or more grateful! Olenka’s community creates confidants, business besties and balance which make you unstoppable.

—Jessie W., VP of Operations, Lincoln Financial

Ask yourself...

So let’s take a leap…
because if you are going to live your one life for Livin, you need to face your truth and join today!

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$8,500 Annually

Special Offer

Special Offer

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Coming into Olenka's sphere of influence changed EVERYTHING. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her no BS approach, and her genuine passion to see her clients and friends succeed.”

—Amanda Freick, Sports Illustrated 2019 Designer, Founder, Amanda Louise Swimwear

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Are you ready to uplevel...and find time & balance?

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